Dr Julie Walsh


Dr Julie Walsh is a Lecturer in Sociology and a New Investigator Research Fellow.

Julie joined The Department of Sociological Studies in 2016 and, in 2018, she became a Lecturer in Sociology. Julie completed her PhD in 2015, the focus of her study being the role of ‘family’ in community connectedness in an increasingly diverse northern city.

This research interest grew out of Julie’s previous career in youth work & community development, where she eventually specialised in the management of user-led provision, working with marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

Research interests

Julie developed her research interests working as a Postdoctoral Researcher working on the NORFACE funded Family Complexity and Social Work Project (FACSK).

This study examined conceptualisations of ‘family’ in eight comparative welfare states and if and how understandings of ‘family’ impacted on the ways in which social care professionals worked with families.

Julie’s ongoing research interests continue to reflect these themes and she is currently the PI for ‘Everyday Bordering’ an ESRC funded project that examines the intersections of place, immigration policy, migrant families everyday lives and social care practice.

Julie also has a broader interest in social constructions of ‘family’, relatedness, belonging and personal life and she is a Co-convenor of the BSA Families and Relationships Study Group.