Young People as Peer Researchers

The MIMY research project puts young people at the centre and recognises their power to create knowledge and affect change. We work with young people to promote their leadership, build skills, give recognition to their time and ensure they receive feedback on the research at every step along the way. MIMY in the UK aims to improve the situation of young people in South Yorkshire, namely Sheffield and Barnsley.

What is youth-centred peer research?

The young peer researchers in the University of Sheffield MIMY team have articulated a vision of peer research as being an inclusive process for creating research based on people’s lived experiences. Through this, the hope is to share the knowledge of those who have experiences of migration and integration, and to make their voices heard. This is research done by the community, for the community, and we hope that this will lead to more ethical research that does not exploit, and instead promotes equality.

Read more about what peer research means in MIMY on our EU website.

Meet the Youth Peer Researchers in Sheffield and Barnsley


Peer researcher

Abdallah has made an important contribution in Sheffield and Barnsley volunteering for different NGOs and charities that support asylum seekers and refugees. He has been able to build good relationships and connections, which he relates to having shared life experiences. He is also kind and funny. He brings this alongside the experience he has as an interpreter to the research team.


Peer researcher

Cristina is a young person with a passion for addressing issues affecting people with refugee backrounds. She has worked with migrants and refugees in Mexico and is now building her life in the UK. She brings her ability to build empathic and trusting interpersonal relationships to the research team and is excited to make sense of the findings in the analysis phase so that our research can lead to meaningful change.


Peer researcher

Amanuel works hard to support newly arrived migrants to access services. He is passionate about building on what he has learnt from his experience to better the situation of others. Through volunteering at a youth football programme to build belonging in Sheffield he has grown in confidence and developed skills that mean he is now supporting and mentoring others.


Peer researcher

Sam loves working with others and bringing people together to solve shared problems. She has volunteered within youth groups that aim to support newly arrived refugees to build their personal strength and social connections. Her dream is to be a children's nurse, and she brings her passion for children and young people's wellbeing to the team and a strong interest in ethical practice and safeguarding.


Peer researcher

Asma is deeply committed to community development. She plays an important role supporting creative projects within diaspora communities in Sheffield and leads on multiple initiatives that help to ensure diverse voices are heard on different social issues. She is passionate about listening to and understanding different people's stories and will bring this to the research team.


Peer researcher

Toya is working to build her leadership skills in community organising to ensure that women and young parents have a voice in the issues that affect their lives. She is committed to listening to and working with young migrants and will build on her experience and the warm and friendly approach she has fostered to ensure young people in the research feel welcome, safe and valued.

MIMY Youth Blog

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This is a project wide blog made up of contributions from youth with experiences of migration and integration, and their allies, to build understanding of young people’s role in research about their lives.