Latest Blogs Published by Our Members

By November 16, 2017Blog

Check the latest blog pieces published by our members in various blogs:

Louise Ryan, Migrants in the city – exploring the gendered experiences of Polish migrants across five European cities, Migration Research Group

Louise Ryan, Understanding migrant trajectories through the lens of differentiated embedding, SPERI, The Political Economy Blog

Louise Ryan, EU citizens in the UK: after the shock comes the strategy to secure statusLSE Brexit 

Marcia Vera Espinoza, Clara Sandelind and Brid Ni Ghráinne, “Safe return review” refugee policy: counter-productive and morally indefensibleLSE British Politics and Policy

Rebecca Murray, Reject the exclusion of forced migrants from higher educationOpen Democracy Brexit Migration Watch

Joe Turner, International family life after Brexit: further sanctions on intimacy?Open Democracy Brexit Migration Watch

Muhammad Waqas, What immigrants in Britain think of immigrationThe Conversation