Europe, Migration and the New Politics of (I)nsecurity network

By December 15, 2016Blog

A new international research network will bring together migration researchers at the four White Rose institutions to examine Europe’s ‘new’ politics of (in)security. Following an inception event in September 2016, three seminars will follow in 2017. The seminars will focus attention on what the claim of a novel migration ‘crisis’ allows governing bodies to do in the name of security: enrol new actors in managing migration; authorise new surveillance technologies, constrain citizens’ freedoms and limit migrant protection. The project will interrogate the relationship between mobility and security in the contemporary crisis and ask how deep-seated social, economic and cultural divisions are being rearticulated. The network is funded by the White Rose Collaboration Fund and led by Alex Hall, University of York. University of Sheffield network members are Majella KilkeyEmma BriantHannah LewisAneta Piekut and Joe Turner.