Dr Rebecca Murray


Rebecca joined the department of Sociological Studies May 2019, in the role of Postdoctoral Research Associate. Rebecca supports the ESRC project ‘Understanding the role of faith based organisations in anti-trafficking’. April 2020, Rebecca took on the additional role of Project Manager for the Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre (MIGREC) and the Sheffield Migration Research Group (MRG).

Both these roles build upon Rebecca’s academic research and practice across the statutory and non-statutory sector focused on the marginalisation and precarity encountered by forced migrants.

Research interests

January 2019, Rebecca graduated from the University of Sheffield upon the successful completion of her ESRC-funded PhD in the field of Human Geography. Rebecca’s doctoral thesis entitled ‘Navigating the Higher Education Border: Routes to Belonging for Forced Migrant Students in the UK & Sweden’, is a comparative study exploring the role of universities in creating ‘routes to belonging’ for forced migrant students in the UK and Sweden. Rebecca continues her work in the field of forced migration and higher education through her position as an honorary Research Associate at the University of Exeter.