Professor Majella Kilkey



Majella Kilkey is Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield, where she directs the MSc International Social Change and Policy. Majella studied at Queens University Belfast and the University of York; she gained her PhD from York in 2000.

Majella is Co-Editor of Social Policy & Society, an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Social Policy and an Executive Member of the UK Social Policy Association. She is a member of IMISCOE, ISA, ESA and the SPA.

Research interests

Majella researches at the intersection of migration and family studies, focusing particularly on the intra-European Union mobility of European Union citizens, and issues of care, transnationality, gender, masculinities and work. The evolving context of ‘Brexit’ provides a context for current research and writing. She has published a number of books on those topics, including: Gender, Migration and Domestic Work: Masculinities, Male Labour and Fathering in the UK and USA (with Diane Perrons, Ania Plomien, Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo and Hernan Ramirez, Palgrave 2013); Family Life in an Age of Migration and Mobility: Global Perspectives through the Life Course (edited with Ewa Kilkey & Palenga-Möllenbeck, Palgrave 2016).

Majella currently holds a number of externally funded research grants in those areas, including: Sustainable Care: Connecting People and Systems (Co-I, ESRC-funded, 2017-2021); Migrants’ Decision-Making in the Context of Shifting Migration Regimes (PI, WUN-funded, 2019-2020); Modern Poland: Migration and Transformations (Co-I, Noble Foundation-funded, 2017-2019); and MIGRATE (Co-I, EC, 2016-2019).

Recent publications include:

Baldassar, L., Kilkey, M., Merla, L. And Wilding, R. (2018) ‘Transnational Families in the Era of Global Mobility’, in Triandafyllidou, A. (ed) Handbook on Migration and Globalisation, Edward Elgar.

Kilkey, M., Merla, L. and Baldassar, L. (2018) (Eds) Special Issue – The Social Reproductive Worlds of Migrants, Journal of Family Studies, 24: 1, 1-93.

Kim, G. and Kilkey, M. (2018) ‘Marriage Migration Policy in South Korea: Social Investment beyond the Nation State’, International Migration, 56:1, 23-38.

Kilkey, M. (2017) ‘Conditioning Family-life at the Intersection of Migration and Welfare: The Implications for ‘Brexit Families’, Journal of Social Policy, 46: 4, 97-814.

Kilkey, M. and Urzi, D. (2017) ‘Social Reproduction in Sicily’s Agricultural Sector: Migration Status and Context of Reception’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 43: 15, 2573-90.