Alex Kirby-Reynolds


Alex Kirby-Reynolds is a PhD student in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield. Having obtained a White Rose DTP studentship award as part of the Brexit Aftermaths Network, Alex’s research engages with Leave voting communities and their everyday experiences of democracy, disaffection and the state.

Alex is currently a co-convener for the Researching Brexit Graduate Network and is on the editorial team for International Political Sociology. He has also previously worked as an independent consultant in the humanitarian sector, engaging with projects to support the local knowledge initiatives of crisis affected communities.

Research interests

Alex’s main current research interest focuses on the everyday affective relationships that exist between people and the state, and how both these translate into attachment and disaffection to mass political projects and impact upon broader social relations. He is also interested in experimental and collaborative approaches to ethnography, particularly those that involve forms of media co-production.