Professor Louise Ryan visits the University of Warsaw and commences new project

As part of her Visiting Professorship, Louise visited Warsaw in May. During her stay she presented a number of seminar papers as well as attending the kick off meeting of the new project:

Grandparenting at a distance: beliefs and practices regarding relationships with grandchildren in Polish spatially mobile families.

This project is funded by National Science Centre in Poland and is led by Dr Weronika Kloc-Nowak at the University of Warsaw, Centre for Migration Research.  Louise Ryan is the international partner on the project and will work closely with Dr Kloc-Nowak in the design of the study and analysis of data, as well as writing some co-authored articles. The project aims to investigate the relations between contemporary Polish grandmothers and grandfathers and grandchildren, the ways in which these relations are maintained and the value they have for grandparents.  Dr Kloc-Nowak is one of the international partners in the Sustainable Care programme. This new project will have many synergies with the research undertaken by colleagues on Sustainable Care, especially the work package led by Louise and Majella on ‘Ageing In and Out of Place’.Louise and Weronika’s collaboration on this new project grew out of the networking grant – Modern Poland: Migration and Transformations (funded by Noble-Foundation) on which Louise is PI. The photo shows Louise and Dr Kloc-Nowak at the kick off meeting of the Grandparenting project in Warsaw recently.