Urban Transformations: Urban Development, Migration, Segregation and Inequality is a collaborative project which aims to bring together researchers from the University of Glasgow, University of Sheffield and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to develop new ideas, innovative methods and analysis on the impacts of migration on urban development, the related social-spatial segregation and public policy challenges.

Yaping Wang at the University of Glasgow is the Principal Investigator. Gwilym Pryce and Yu Chen at Sheffield are Co-Investigators. The project runs from September 2015 to August 2018, and is funded by the ESRC.

Through this project, we organise workshops/conferences on themes related to migration and segregation in both Beijing and the UK. A conference and a summer school on urban segregation were held in Sheffield in 2017.

There was a workshop on migration and integration in Beijing and a final conference on China’s urban development in Glasgow in 2018.