MRG Newsletter 2021 update

By January 26, 2021Blog, Events

Dear MRG members,

We hope everyone is well. We are writing to share our plans for the upcoming semester and introduce some new opportunities to connect with MRG members, following the ideas shared during the recent ‘Welcome event’ (10-12-20).

Last semester, the MRG seminars were transformed into a virtual format for online delivery; a direct response to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The seminars were a great success. Full details of the semester 1 programme, including audio and visual recordings from each event, can be accessed here on the MRG website

Moving into semester 2, we remain committed to exploring new ways to sustain a vibrant and well connected research community across the MRG. 

‘Welcome event’ ideas for MRG activities

The ‘Welcome Event’ discussion highlighted that MRG members want more opportunities to informally connect with colleagues to share information, receive advice and support, and this has been central to the design of the semester 2 programme:


MRG Virtual Seminar Series: Semester 2
ALL seminars will take place on a Thursday: 12.00 – 1.15pm. 
18-02-21 ‘What are the key challenges for migrants and their lived experiences, and / or for migration governance in a post-Brexit Britain?’  Julie Walsh & Asma Khan

Sally Cawood

Jamie Coates

Aneta Piekut 

04-03-21 Informal seminar
18-03-21 ‘Boundaries of Europeanness’ Bolaji Bolagun
08-04-21 Informal seminar
22-04-21 ‘Politics of (Dis)Integration’ Sophie Hinger & Reinhard Schweitzer
06-05-21 Informal seminar
13-05-21 ‘Faith responses to modern slavery’ Hannah Lewis
03-06-21 Informal seminar
10-06-21 Understanding migrant youth integration and empowerment in South Yorkshire: early reflections from the MIMY project’ Thea Shahrokh, Majella Kilkey, Hannah Lewis & Ryan Powell. 


Informal seminars:

  • ‘Pilot’ informal seminars – for which we would like to invite MRG members to take the lead. Select a date and let us know your plan for the seminar. 
  • Flexible focus and format – up to  the MRG member/s leading the seminar: e.g.  sharing a funding idea / getting feedback on work in progress / beginning work in a new area – making connections / sharing a methodological / fieldwork dilemma . 
  • MRG Project Manager support – setting up an appropriate platform (Collaborate or Google Meet), managing any technical issues during the seminar and supporting promotion activities / dissemination supporting materials. 

A quick reminder of the additional support available to MRG members:

  • Become a member of the MRG: your details will be added to the ‘Who we are’ page of the website and you’ll be added to the mailing list.
  • Submit an expression of interest to join the MRG steering committee
  • Social media platform: follow us @SheffieldMRG and utilise the platform to share information about events / publications / projects. 
  • MRG website: ‘Our Work’– collaborate with us to create a dedicated project page.
  • Write a blog on the website – report on a news event / launch a publication or project.

Further enquiries relating to any of the above or any alternative suggestions, as to how you can work collaboratively with the MRG, should be directed to:

Thank you for your ongoing support in 2020. We look forward to connecting and collaborating with you in 2021. Please get in touch if you want to take one of the Informal Seminar slots.